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Ammonite Music Sdn Bhd proudly presents our very own Ammonite Acoustic Auditorium (AAA), a space for all musicians to showcase their musical talent on stage. As we aim to provide the best nutrients for aspiring young musicians, this auditorium will be a great platform for all to take part in public performances and competitions. We hope to encourage these young musicians to further exploring the possibilities of their musical development. Nevertheless, our final mission is to help every musician on reaching their pinnacle of their music journey, to be able to shine on stage and to take up the challenge and chances to the most! 

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Founder's Note

Ammonite Music Sdn Bhd was first established back in 2006. Here at Ammonite, we are fully aspired to bring out the best musical potential in each child. Music has a great effect on human brain development, provides emotional balance and promotes general well-being. 

Each child is like an unpolished diamond, with his or her own unique potential. Ammonite has the expertise to fully draw out their talents. We have developed a variety of programmes appropriate for there-year-old kids to adults. Our team of highly skilled, motivated music teachers provide inspiring lessons under this success-oriented, total development approach. 

At Ammonite, learning music is creative and FUN! We aim to foster a love for music while developing musicianship skills and self confidence in aspiring musicians. 

Our proven track record says it all. Ammonite is an award-winning music school which focuses on early childhood music education and nurturing holistic success for each child. 

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