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Yamaha Music Courses

Junior Music Program

Beginner (2).jpg
2 years old

Music Fantasy

Music Fantasy is a fun filled course designed for 2-year-old toddlers that nurtures emotional and physical development and language acquisition skills. (1).jpg
3 years old

Music Wonderland

Music Wonderland is a unique course designed to introduce your child to music by combining singing and keyboard playing with movement and listening.

4-5 years old

Junior Music Course

Junior Music Course is a distinctive Yamaha Music Education program designed to provide your child with fundamental music abilities.

Young Musician Program (4).jpg
6-8 years old

Junior Step Fundamental Course (JSFC)

This course enables your child to develop essential music skills through multi-faceted approaches. By focusing on keyboard performance (Electone)and aural development, your child will comprehend the necessary requirements to reach their full potential. (3).jpg
Graduates of JSFC

Junior Electone Course (JEC)

With the fundamentals acquired from Junior Step Fundamental Course, your child is ready to master the Electone by learning from our exclusive curriculum developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan.

6 years old and above

Yamaha Piano Course (YPC)

The Yamaha Piano Course is a private lesson program that caters for beginner to advanced students of all ages.

9 years old

New Electone Study Course (NESC)

The Electone Organ – popularly know as a 'one man orchestra' is an amazing musical instrument that makes music come alive with its true-to-life instrument voices (such as the piano, flute, trumpet, violin)

8 years old and above

Yamaha Guitar Course (YGC)

This course aims to cultivate students’ richer musical expressions, essential basic playing techniques, musical knowledge and skill to read music in order to enjoy playing the guitar as a beginner. (6).jpg
6 years old and above


Nurturing students in the enjoyment of playing the violin and in ensemble playing.

Teenagers and Adult Program

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