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Junior Electone Course

Age range: For graduates of Junior Step Fundamental Course

With the fundamentals acquired from Junior Step Fundamental Course, your child is ready to master the Electone by learning from our exclusive curriculum developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan. Our proven syllabus will facilitate learning of essential music elements.

Discover the power and the beauty of the Electone - a unique instrument with a wide array of instrumentation. Your child can experiment with making solo sounds, big orchestra sounds and anything in between to play any genre of music.

Guided by our qualified music teachers, your child will also have opportunities to perform at concerts and participate competitively at the annual Yamaha Electone Festival.

The course promotes demonstration of skills achieved, as we encourage students to participate in concerts and competitions. Through such activities, they become more self-confident to express their themselves to the public.


  • Repertoire playing with a variety of musical styles

  • Making music arrangements

  • Improvisation skill on the Electone

Students will experience:

  • Repertoire playing

  • Ensemble playing

  • Arrangement

  • Improvisation

  • Singing ( lyrics & solfege )

  • Knowledge of various instruments

  • Knowledge of tones and registration

Course Information:

Course Duration
Six (6) year
Lesson Duration
30/45 minutes per lesson
Parent participation
Not required
Textbook and online streaming materials
Yamaha Grade 10 – 6 Exams
Class type
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