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Course Duration
Lesson Duration
Parent participation
One (1)year
30 minutes per lesson
Textbook and online streaming materials
Yamaha Grade 13 – 11 Exams
Class type
Not required

Junior Step Fundamental Course

Age range: 6-8 years old

This course enables your child to develop essential music skills through multi-faceted approaches. By focusing on keyboard performance (Electone) and aural development, your child will comprehend the necessary requirements to reach their full potential.

A variety of age-appropriate teaching styles are taught by highly qualified educators, utilizing skills that challenge and motivate your child with a focus on developing independence, creativity, self-expression and keyboard playing skills in a dynamic group environment or individual setting.

Your child is taught to acquire excellent musical skills through a carefully planned curriculum and approach, enabling them to progress to Yamaha Junior Step program after one year.


  • Learn repertoire and music skills suitable to their age and development

  • Develops understanding of both hands playing and basic reading ability

  • Successfully learn how to play music within a group environment (if enrolled in a group lesson)

  • Provides a pathway to Yamaha Junior Electone Course

Students will experience:

  • Repertoire playing

  • Aural development

  • Ensemble playing

  • Chord playing

  • Lyric/solfege singing

Course Information:

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