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New Electone Study Course

Age range: 9 years old and above

The Electone Organ – popularly know as a 'one man orchestra' is an amazing musical instrument that makes music come alive with its true-to-life instrument voices (such as the piano, flute, trumpet, violin), a whole lot of acoustic and electronic sounds, together with rhythmic and accompaniment styles from jazz, rock and more.

As a student in the Electone Study Course, you will be learning from our exclusive curriculum, developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan. Our proven syllabus will facilitate learning of essential music elements.

Students are taught a whole spectrum of skills from reading ability, playing techniques, rhythm and music appreciation, ensemble playing, chord work to arranging skills. Added emphasis is placed on the elements of repertoire and improvisation on a lead score. With the Electone's great versatility, there is much that students can look forward to in terms of performance, improvisation, arrangement and composition, experienced in a creative and enjoyable manner.


  • Repertoire with variety of musical styles

  • Making music arrangement

  • Improvisation skill on the Electone

  • Participation in school concerts and the Electone Festival

Students will experience:

  • Repertoire and drill exercises

  • Creative tone registers

  • Ensemble

  • Rhythm training

  • Coordination techniques

  • Arrangement and improvisation skills



Course details:

Course Duration
Six (6) years
Lesson Duration
30/45 minutes per lesson
Parent participation
Not required
Textbook and online streaming materials
Yamaha Grade 13 – 6 Exams
Class type
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