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Yamaha Guitar Course

Age range: 8 years old and above

This course aims to cultivate students’ richer musical expressions, essential basic playing techniques, musical knowledge and skill to read music in order to enjoy playing the guitar as a beginner.

The ability for both ensemble playing and solo playing is developed by playing many classical pieces, plus master pieces from a wide range of styles, and attractive pieces especially composed for the course.



  • The curriculum of the course is prepared for students in various different age groups, in order for them to learn music step by step, with joy.

  • Well consideration of finger mechanism and finger dexterity, improvement of playing techniques are introduced for studying.

  • Introduction of chord system makes students understand harmony easily and also makes ensemble playing easy.

  • Exercise pieces are prepared for playing solo pieces which require special playing techniques.


Students will experience:

  • Students will have experience of various harmony by playing ensemble pieces introduced from an early stage and by chord system.

  • Students will experience a wide range of music, playing more than 12 solo pieces and to make them as their own repertoire pieces. They will learn not only solo playing but also ensemble playing.

  • Cultivating sense of rhythm, beat, and steady tempo in students, by playing ensemble pieces and by using accompaniment backing tracks.

Course Information:

Course Duration
6-5 years
Lesson Duration
30 minutes per lesson
Parent participation
Not required
Textbook and online streaming materials
Yamaha Classical Guitar Grade 13 – 6 Exams
Class type
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