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Music Fantasy

Age range: 2 years old

Music Fantasy is a fun filled course designed for 2-year-old toddlers that nurtures emotional and physical development and language acquisition skills. The course offers engaging activities that involves singing, hearing, imagining, appreciation for music, feeling the rhythm, and other musical elements that opens your child’s mind to the vibrant world around him/her. This is a great course to start your child’s music learning journey by experiencing music the fun way and an excellent opportunity to spend quality bonding times.


  • Encourage your child’s interest in music

  • Interactive session between parent and child centred on music

  • Foster positive attitudes towards “listening” to music

  • Develop responsiveness and sociality through a group lesson system

  • Opportunity for your child to express emotions and creativity through movements

  • Provides a pathway into Yamaha’s Music Wonderland course

Students will experience:

  • Rhythm training

  • Lyric singing

  • Imagination with music

  • Music appreciation



Course details:

Course Duration
Lesson Duration
Parent participation
One (1)year
40 minutes per lesson
Textbook and CD
No Assessment
Class type
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